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Excellent tips to get more Twitter followers

images (12)Excellent tips to get more Twitter followers

  • Have a good avatar

Take a Great photo showing your face.  Ensure that your photo is uploaded on your twitter profile because this will cause more trust.  Anyone without a photo, might indicate that you are a newbie or a spanner.  So put on your best smile and be proud of your picture!

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  • Communicate in Peak hours

The more you can communicate in Peak hours, the more likely you are to have more coverage of your tweets.  If you are trying to promote your product or business, then tweet in the morning, at lunch time and again in the evening.  This also ensures you do not miss someone in a different time zone.

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  • Create an interesting Profile Bio

Create an interesting bio. This is  one of the most important things that potential followers will review.  Tell everyone what you do, who you are.  Give yourself a good slogan or tagline.  Tell people where you are from.  A Twitter Bio can only contain 160 characters so make sure yours stands out.  Consider creating a custom About page on your blog and linking to it on Twitter. Then, when the prospective follower clicks on that link, they will find a page you have created just for them.

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  • Send messages to very popular users

If you sent @ messages to very popular users or celebrities, there is a slight chance that they might re-tweet your comment, or even better, they might follow you back, which will give you a grand opportunity to get even more followers!!

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  • Ask interesting questions

Interesting questions get followers interested in you, and causes a response.  Reply to others publicly. Not only will you look like you are helping promote the person who has messaged you, but you are bringing more attention to your response to the question or message.

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  • Link to interesting sites

People love to be inspired and entertained.  Tweet about interesting and valuable content.  This is ultimately important, if you are wanting to get your tweets re-tweeted.  Show people helpful resources and share a lot of links.  Make your followers crave your tweets and information!  They will create more followers for you, just by re-tweeting your links and info.

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  • Develop a niche

Develop a Niche that interests you and that you feel comfortable and excited talking about.  This will reflect in your tweets and information and you can connect with other people who have the same niche or even gain some knowledge from them.

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  • Send out repeat tweets

Re-tweets are the only way to get noticed by people who don’t follow you. Therefore, you must make it easy for your followers to re-tweet you. Keep your tweets short enough for people to add the RT symbol and your username.  Also, sending out your tweets again, will gain you more coverage, in case your followers missed it previously.

Link and re-tweet other peoples posts.  The more you link up to other people, the more you will be rewarded and people will do the same for you.  You need followers, so show people that you are worthy of being followed.


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  • Post pictures

People love images and pictures.  Post pictures often and keep them interesting.

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  • Link your social accounts

You can reach more followers by linking your social accounts. Some people prefer different social accounts and by linking your accounts, not only are you reaching those people, but you are getting your message across quicker by posting it on one platform…So if you post on your Twitter Account, it will show on the other social accounts you have linked up, automatically.

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  • Use Hash tags

Hash tags make your posts categorized which will also bring in new followers.  As people are looking up something or researching certain topics, they are pointed in the direction of Hash tags put onto the posts.

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  • Follow those who follow you

Follow the people that follow you.  That way, their followers will see you, and will hopefully want to follow you as well.  Plus, it is just polite to follow those and help promote their posts or businesses too.  Follow your followers followers as well…the more coverage you get, the more popular you will become!

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  • Follow those with similar interests

Following someone with similar interests will give you posts to look forward to.  You will have something in common, and they will find some snippets of advice and knowledge in your posts.  More follows will extend your influence and if you ave something important to say or to promote, you will get heard.

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  • Avoid to much advertising

    Promote your blog posts on Twitter but avoid over promoting your products and business.  If you promote too much, you will give the impression that you are a spamming people and you might lose potential followers or even existing ones.  For every 20 tweets you do, then allow yourself 1 promotional tweet.  People do not want products & services shoved in their faces all day.

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  •  Unfollow people that don’t follow you back

You can tell is someone is a Spammer, because they will have over 1000 people that they follow, but will have a lot less followers themselves.  Their account will be on automatic follow, so check this when following someone.  Go through your Follow lists from time to time and unfollow anyone that is not following you back…unless they are a celebrity of course.

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  •  Do NOT pay for followers

Firstly , it is embarrassing to have to pay for attention of followers.  It is like trying to buy love, and secondly, not all are guaranteed to work.  Many are Fake Bot accounts so is it worth it in the popularity contest?

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Twitter is definitely an easy place to get your name, your ideas, your values and products out there.  The more you tweet, get followers and put up interesting content, the more like you are going to be able to become popular.  The Higher your followers, the more people will flock to you, because they will assume you have value to share.

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Feel free to add any advice or comments

Also…Don’t forget  Animated follow me button


From  Brainy Chica





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Learn How to become Rich!!

How To Make MORE money!!

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Imagine stumbling upon an easy secretive system…Once you set it up, money will come to you AUTOMATICALLY!  In fact it is not much of a secret as there are a few thousand people doing it.

That means while you are out with your family, away on vacation, sleeping, playing golf or doing anything you are wanting to do, money will come to you automatically!!

This is REALLY possible and Really True!  This is not a scam, this is not a pyramid system or some get rich quick scheme, this is also not illegal or an immoral way of making money…This is a system that will teach you step for step, how to market yourself or your idea, and how to make a lot of money by getting people interested in this platform.

You do not have to phone anyone, speak to anyone, sell anything.  In fact, when you discover how this works, you will love it, and it will be addictive!  You will be making money, doing something that you love!images (2)

If you could change your financial Situation, Would you?  images (8)

Of course you would!!  Anyone Would and if you were not interested in making your life better, than you must be living in abundance or satisfied already.

I have always worked very hard, even during school and college I worked, but I have recently stumbled upon a secret.  Although I currently own four successful businesses, there is always more money to be made.


I honestly believe that being successful and becoming extremely rich, has everything to do with your mindset, your effort and your ability to believe that your dreams have come true already!  I also believe that I have all the things I do, because I do give a lot.

Giving does not always mean, giving everything you own away…Giving can also mean, giving your time, sharing your knowledge, helping people succeed, sharing dreams and aspirations.

I have tested this theory …..If you want something, simply ask the universe for it, images (10)and believe it has happened. time and time again, and it has worked.  I wanted a nicer house, I saw the house I wanted it, believed it was mine, and it became.  I wanted a new car….I imagined myself driving in my new range rover, and within a couple of weeks, it was mine.  At the time, I did not have money to buy that car, but I just KNEW and took for granted that I would get it….and I did!

So…What is my secret?

  • I wake up each day with a positive mindset
  • I tell myself that I AM successful and I AM a millionaire
  • I tell myself that it is MY RIGHT to have ANYTHING my heart desires
  • I find a balance, between my work, my interests and my family!  Without balance you feel lost so it is very important to find a balance in your daily routine.
  • I set myself daily goals and tasks and I ensure I achieve them

How Can you change your situation or Circumstance?

For any business or idea to succeed, you need people to see it, you need clients, you need leads.  It does not matter if you are the richest guy in your town, or, as a images (5)matter of fact, the poorest one.  So In theory, You need to get yourself or your product out there and get known.  If people know you they will want to be part of your success and will want to become successful too.

We all deserve to be abundantly Rich.  The money and resources will never run out, and there is more than enough to go around.

You just need to learn how to WORK CLEVER, Not work harder.

If you do not know this simple secret, you can work harder than anyone you know, try harder, invest more,and still never be successful.

The Secret system I have stumbled upon can be applied to ANYONE in ANY situation.  As long as you have access to a computer or a smart phone, with internet, I can show  you how I have succeeded, as well how you can join me and succeed too!!

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4 Steps to Success:

  1. Click on the link and watch the video presentation
  2. Join Me by filling in your details or sending me a personal email
  3. Share your secret –  so others can also benefit and join you.
  4. Watch the money roll in!

download (2)So…If you want to have Financial Success, Just open the door and you will learn how to apply this golden system to any business or opportunity.

    Just Click on the door and watch this quick Video to see how it works.


You can also watch the presentation here

Success, Wealth and Riches are just a few clicks away.

Always Remember:  Rich People Take Risks, Rich People Think Big and in thinking big and taking rich you will become successful!  

You will never know if you do not try.  There are a tremendous amount of scams out there, so always be very careful before you invest into anything or anyone.

  I was also wary when I came across this system, but then I investigated it, joined and I am so glad I did!  I am grateful that I have become extremely rich from it and extremely successful.  The money I have generated from this system, has allowed me to invest in new projects and companies,  and is helping me to grow!

Blessings to You All




good mood bad mood

Dealing with YOUR bad mood….

change your mood 1

How is it, that we can wake up feeling normal, and with an hour or so, we can be hit over an over again with negativity.  By the time it is mid morning, you feel so tired and worn down by the negativity, you are ready to pack up and go home!!

Life throws curve-balls…even at me.  There is always some issue to deal with or handle, always a possibility of a negative incident, but it is not the fact that this keeps happening, it is HOW you deal with it.


A true story…..

My friend started a new job the other day.  She needed someone to help look after her kids, because her ex partner decided to go out instead of helping her look after her kids.  So I offered to look after her children, because that is what friends do…  She was just about to leave for her new job, and while we were having a quick chat, her little boy jumped onto my glass coffee table from the couch.

Obviously her boy was screaming and crying, because now he was full of glass shards and he had slit his arm, as well as had a few very deep cuts all over his back and on his arms.  My friend was frantic and screaming, and everyone was panicking.  Our other friend called the ambulance to come out, because that would have been quicker to tend to her four year old, than us trying to get through traffic.

At this stage, my friend was full of blood, late for her new job and highly upset and angry with her ex, blaming him for not watching the kids.  I told her, that it was not his fault…he was not even there and that she should be VERY happy and grateful that her son had two little cuts, despite all the blood.  He could have lost an eye or punctured an organ.

So …this is a typical situation, whereby here was a lady, in a perfectly good mood, getting ready for her day, and a curve-ball hit.  She dealt with it by composing herself, getting her son seen to and then she called her boss, explained what happened, went home, got dressed in fresh clothes and despite the day she had, she still went on to her job and made money.

It is NOT what happens…but HOW we deal with it!

How can you Fix a bad Mood??mood 4

  • Realize firstly that the Bad mood has come from within you.

As soon as you feel your temper rising or your mood becoming grotty, change your mindset.  Go Outside, take a couple of deep breaths and tell yourself you will NOT allow this to affect you in a negative way!  Look at the situation and see what positives you can derive from it!

  • Get Some Positive Thoughts going.

If you feel good, you can deal with the event easily.

mood 2

1. Put some uplifting music on and sing 

By Listening to Music, you can change your mood, your mind set and even get rid of negative thoughts.MUSIC

2. Take a shower.

HOT SHOWERHaving a Nice hot shower, will take your mind off the negativity and make you feel clean and refreshed…Then you will be able to start again.

3.  Snuggle with your pet

PETIf you are down, or in a bad mood, take a few minutes to play with your cat or dog (or any other pet that you may own)  They will perk up your mind and make you feel better.

4. Watch some funny videos or movies

Watch a funny comedy or movie.

FUNNY VIDEOSIt will make you laugh, make you happy and might even make you feel more productive.  Sometimes its all too easy to get wrapped up in work, and we forget how to take some time out.  You can also watch some funny you tube videos, if you are strapped for time.

5. Reach out and give someone a  hug

HUGNext time you are feeling moody or upset, reach out and give someone a hug.  It has been proven that the hormones released from hugging someone, can work wonders.


Be it your family member or a friend, it will make both of you feel a lot better.FREE HUG

6. Write Down your thoughts

THOUGHTSmood 3Keep a diary log or a video log of your thoughts.  That way you can establish if there are any patterns or reasons for your mood.  Are you overworked or stressed out?  You can then refer back to these logs and work on not letting them affect you in the future.

7. Take a few Deep Breaths of FRESH AIR

There is nothing better in this world than Fresh Air.  If you are having a bad day, stand up, go out side and take 5 deep breaths of Fresh Air.FRESH AIR

As you Inhale, imagine clean positive and powerful Energy flowing inside of you.  As you Exhale, imagine releasing all the negative and stale energy from your body.  Tell yourself, I can DEAL with this and I do Feel Better Now!

8. Do some exercises

EXERCISEGetting up and moving your body will help stimulate blood flow and the release of endorphins, the well-known “feel good” hormone.

Do a few star jumps or run up and down the stairs, if you are not in the mood. Take a brisk walk or quick cycle around the block.Go for a lovely relaxing walk in the park or along the beach.  Look at everything around you and be grateful for what we are blessed with.

10. Get in Touch with Nature.

TOUCH WITH NATUREBeing stuck inside all day without direct exposure from the sun, and without connecting to the energy of nature, can actually made a bad day even worse.

Grounding is the practice of exposing yourself to the ground, usually with your bare feet to help stimulate energy, improve immune function, and boost happiness.


Take a five minute time out from your day, and go find a grassy spot.  Walk up and down bare foot and enjoy the texture and feeling you feel when you walk on the grass.



So, Next time you find yourself in a bad mood…fix it!

Kind Regards


Brainy Chica

PS…What do you do to fix your mood? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments box.





Magic Aladdins Genie lamp

What is your Ultimate Dream??

Dare to dream??

  • What is your ultimate wish?
  • Have you ever wanted something so badly in life, but you just did not know how to get it??
  • You need to write your wishes and dreams down.
  • You need to tell everyone what your wish is about.
  • You need to visualize your wish and imagine your wish happening to you.
  • You need to BELIEVE your wish has ALREADY come true.

I wish 2


Do you know that Anything is possible, if you put your mind to it?

Whether your dream is to have more money, a new house, a new job, a new car, friends, love, a different life…you name it, you can have it!

What is your 5 year plan?  What is your REAL GOAL?  What is your ambition in Life?  What do you think will make you really Happy?

Mini Exercise:

  1. Make a list of Short Term and Long Term Goals.
  2. Give yourself deadlines for these Goals
  3. Stick these Goals up somewhere and read them every day.
  4. Work at Achieving your goals.
  5. Work around any obstacles that are blocking your way.

i wish

Feel Free to share your comments

Happy Wishful Thinking…I know it works for me

Blessings to All

BRAINY CHICAFrom Brainy Chica




Learn How to get more leads!

Grow your Business Now!


  1. Want to Become Successful and get more leads?
  2. Want to promote your business?  
  3. You have come to the right place!

The simplest way to become successful is to get customers.  How do you get customers?  You network, branch out and get referrals.

I can teach you how to be successful…I have four very successful companies, and I am always expanding.  BUT…there are a few tips and tricks that I can teach you along the way.

If you want to learn more, Let me help you.

Fill in this form…You are not obligated, but once you do, I will get in touch and show you the way!  Just remember, if you do not make a start, you will always remain in the current position.


Kind Regards, Brainy Chica


The Difference between Rich and Poor People….Regarding Your mindset!

Rich VS Poor Mindsets

Why is it that some people are Rich and some people are poor?  The answers may lay deep within your mind set that could have been imprinted from the day you were able to understand your parents…

You can change your mindset.  I am living proof that it does work.  I came from a poor background, very negative upbringing.  When I was 17 I read the book “Grow Rich while you sleep”

At the age of 18 I owned my first business, and although a couple of businesses were not that successful, I still strive to be more and more successful daily.

rich v poor mind

What Type of Mind Set Have you got?


  • Negative Talk
  • Stuck in the Past
  • Small Dreams or No ambition
  • Rigid Thinking
  • Focuses on their problems
  • Believes in struggling or being a slave to wages
  • Feels victimized and has many excuses
  • Constantly says:  “I can’t afford it!!”
  • Makes decisions based on What is, instead of What if


  • Driven by empowerment and love
  • Positive Talk “I am enough, I can do it, I will do it”
  • Sees possibilities in any situation
  • Dreams Big and wants to grow
  • Has Flexible thinking
  • Solves problems
  • Believes in loving what you do and doing what you love
  • Takes Responsibility for their actions
  • Always says:  ‘What action must I perform in order to afford this”
  • Makes decisions based on goals and where they want to be.

1. Rich People Think “I Create my Life”

You’re in control of your life: things don’t happen by chance, they happen by choice. Taking full responsibility for your life, is the first most imperative step to take to make your life the life of your dreams.

And when things don’t work out? Don’t blame or  criticize others, and don’t justify yourself. Just learn from it, keep on trying and do not stop until you succeed.

2. Rich People always want to make more money

Many people make the same mistake of saying…”I just want to be comfortable”  If you hear yourself saying that, or thinking that, then you will never be Rich.  You will just be comfortable.  Your aim should be to RICH..and Rolling in money.


3. Rich People Are Committed to Being Rich

If you wish to be rich, or you’d like to be rich… That’s not enough. You have to *commit* to being rich.  You have to decide that from now, from this immediate point, that you WILL BE RICH.  You have to believe that it has happened and it will!

I remember when I saw my first Range Rover.  I really wanted it.  Financially, at the time, I did not have the money to buy it, but I put a picture of it on my desktop screensaver.  Every day, I pictured myself driving my new dream car.

Because I believed I had it already, I had the car within about four weeks.The universe works in mysterious ways…You just need to ask for.

4. Rich People Think Big


You have to Think Big!  You cannot think medium or small.  Reach for stars and you will at least hit the moon!!  If you think big and believe it will happen, it will.

Rich people do not just stop when they have a successful company…they keep dreaming and investing on more and more businesses to grow bigger and bigger and in doing so, they get richer and richer!

5. Rich People Focus on Opportunities

Most things that happen to us can be seen as either opportunity or as an obstacle. It depends on what we focus on.  Rich people choose to see everything as a blessing, as a stepping stone for something greater.

6. Rich People Admire Successful People & Other Rich People

When most people see rich people, they become envious or even jealous.  If you have thoughts like this, you need to reset your mind, because you are then dragging negative thoughts towards the feeling of wealth.  You should rather bless rich people more, because the more you bless other people, the more blessings will flow back to you.

If you associate these negative feelings to wealth, you’re not likely to amass it yourself.


7. Rich People Associate with Positive, Successful People

Rich and successful people stick with other rich and successful people.  It is not because they are snobs or toffs, that think they are too good for anyone, it is because they want to grow and learn from those rich and successful people.  Look at who you are hanging out with.  If they are down, negative and always complaining, it could be that they are affecting your mindset to become down and negative.  Start joining health clubs, golf clubs and start mixing with rich people.  That way, you will see that they are ordinary just like you and me, but the difference is they do not let themselves get dragged into negative situations.

You will soon see that if they can do it, then so can you!

8. Rich People Promote themselves


Rich people are very proud of their product or their value.  The more you can promote yourself and boast about what you do, the more people will be attracted to you.  Attraction will bring success to you.

9. Rich People Are Bigger Than Their Problems

Every day has issues, curve-balls or problems.  The difference between rich people and poor people, is that rich people thrive on solving these problems, whereby, poor people avoid or hide from these problems.

If you have problems, do not run and hide.  Rather deal with your problems, be it debt, personal or other problems, deal with it in the best way possible.

You will then find that you are facing your fear and finding solutions to problems.  You will become bigger than the problem.


10. Rich People love to receive

To earn large sums of money for your work & products, you must feel worthy of receiving large sums of money.

Here’s a great practice for improving your receiving skills: when someone offers you compliment, simply say accept and thanks. Don’t look for something to compliment the other person with.

11. Rich People Choose to Get Paid Based on Results

Most Rich people work in a commission based or bonus based job.  If they are not working for themselves already, they would go into the type of industry whereby their wages can be flexible, so that they can push themselves to improve and earn more and more.


12. Rich People Think “Both” not “Either/Or”


Sometimes people think that in order to be rich, family life will suffer, or in order to enjoy your family, your business will suffer.  This is not true…Rich people will always have Both.  Why not?  Why cant you have a wonderful family life as well as be successful and very rich?  You can.

Next time you are offered a choice, instead of picking one, tell yourself you will have both.  I currently have a family of four children, I have 3 successful companies and am busy establishing my 4th.  My secret is having balance.  You can have great family time as well as work on your businesses and it is about having a great team that you can delegate.

Today, for instance, we took the kids for a bike ride to the park, then we played some golf chipping shots while we were there, we got home, I made lunch, and now I will spend some time on my companies.  Then after dinner and some family time, I will work more on my businesses.

13. Rich People Focus on Their Net Worth


Your Net Worth is not what you earn annually, but what you have saved up in your bank account.  What assets do you own?  If you are living month to month and just surviving or scraping through, then you need to change your mind set.

14. Rich People Manage Their Money Well

Rich People are great money managers.  They do not spend money that they do not have.  They do not create debt or spend money unless they have it to spend.  They invest into projects and get great return on them.  They take risks and most risks pay off.

 15. Rich People Have Their Money Work Hard For Them

Rich people almost always invest their money into various projects so that their money can grow, and then they will invest again and again.

16. Rich People Act regardless of risk


Sometimes you come across an opportunity and you want to do it, but are fearful.  You need to drop that mindset, and go for it.  If it is something you believe in, then take a chance.  You will never know if you do not try it.

Rich people will act on any opportunity that they seem fit, despite risks, because if the opportunity is worth it, it may end up being a gold mine!!

17. Rich People Constantly Learn & Grow

Rich people are always learning, growing and developing themselves.

Knowledge leads to Action, which leads to Power.  The more power you can show in your chosen field, the more money you will earn.

The real power is taking what you have learned, and experiment with them to make more money.

Knowledge + Action = Power. The more you know & apply in your chosen field, the more money you’ll earn.




Feel free to add tips and comments on your thoughts or experience



How to start your own online business

Here are some basic tips on how you can start your own online business and the initial steps you would need to take!!


1.  Decide on a Service or product you wish to sell

Once you have decided on a product or a service that you wish to sell or provide then you need to invest.  You will either be investing time or money, or in some instances both, to ensure your business gets off to a good start.  You cannot sell something, without stock or product.  You cannot offer a service, without investing time into that product.

2.  Get a Name for your Business

Once you have your product or your service, you need to come up with a clever or quirky name, so that you will not only feel proud of your company business name, but whereby customers and clients can relate to your product.


3.  Get Contacts 

Your Next Step is to market yourself and build up a good client list.  If you do not have clients, nobody is going to buy your product or your service.  Ideally you want to branch out and get as much exposure as possible, in order that you can market yourself and your product or service properly.  It may be worth investing in afind-customers good company that can help you optimize your website or help you with your advertising.

Marketing is crucial to any online business.  Without exposure, you will not have clients and without clients, you will not make money!


4.  Set up Social Media Sites

Social Network sites are an excellent way to reach out to people.  From these platforms, you wHow-To-Create-CSS-Social-Media-Button-With-Tooltip-and-Hover-Effectill be able to network and reach out to more people and this will help your business grow.  Your first and most important task, is to set up a domain name, sign up with a web builder and start advertising your products or service.  Then you advertise your site on your social media sites to get more exposure.  From that point you can sell your product.

5.  Set up your mailing lists

e-mail-clientMailing lists are very important to keep clients in touch with your growing business, and ever expanding products or services.  Get clients to sign up or to follow you on your social networks so that they can keep updated with anything you may have on offer.  A good idea is to get people to subscribe to your mailing lists.


6.  Invest and Start making money

I have a stamp company and without investing in buying new stock and stamps, I would not hdownloadave anything to sell.  The same can be said for any online company.  Once you have invested, whether it be a physical product or small costs to set up domains and websites, you need to invest.  You have to throw something in, in order to get something out.  Ensure that if you are going to start an online business, or an idea, that you decide upon, that you commit and give it 100% time, effort and (1)

Keep doing market research to know if your product or service is thriving or failing.  Once you know where you stand, you will know how to adapt or change your business to the market trends.


7.  Run a Special Offer or Promotion

Thisimages is a good idea to get clients in the door.  Offer gifts, discounts or free special offers to grab their attention and draw them to your site.



8.  Follow up with your existing clients to get new businessreferral

Once you have clients, look after them, and ensure you keep in touch.  They can help you grow your business and even invest in more of your product or service.